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Making a website valuable to your market begins by mapping the User Experience (UX).

This leads to sketching each page wireframe for desktop, tablet & mobile.

Daaaamn! This is beautiful.

If UX is the functional skeleton, the User Interface (UI) is the skin. Everything your visitors see and touch.

Launch. Listening to your website visitors’ live experience, I tweak the page designs to UX victory.

Empathy = good business.

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It’s not enough to be gorgeous...

…if you want your website to bring value to your market from their first visit.

Beyond looks, first time visitors become repeat visitors when website design uses a strategic, psychological foundation to convert visitors.

After 15 years of pushing pixels, winning a Webby Award (the Oscars for web designers), answering Q&As at conferences, and observing usage habits from the millions of people who visit websites I’ve designed, this stands out:

Nail your brand + give your website visitors a satisfying user experience = your business will grow.

You can see how I approach this creative process as the Founder and Design Director of DEUX, a digital agency based in Vancouver, Canada.

Even designers can code

A book on creative process by Marius Ciuchete Paun

Even designers can code reflects on my 15 year journey to learning the creative process, quitting cigarettes, burning out and dealing with depression from stress as I stumble all over the twisty path to craftsmanship and self-mastery.

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